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Breaking through the unfinished basement “glass” ceiling March 30, 2012

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When we bought this house five years ago, we were enamored with the 9-foot high basement ceilings. Coming from our previous bungalow where my tall husband had to duck to make it down the stairs, we saw potential with a downstairs living area and guest bedroom.

We’ve been thinking of this basement redo since then and making VERY small strides. But this winter, we’ve done the electrical, framing and much of the drywall to get us here:

Looking into kids play area and guest bedroom featuring my “cloffice!”

Behind this wall is STORAGE and beyond will be the TV/couch area.

The overall look is about clean, industrial, comfort with a gray and yellow color scheme.

If my future basement was an outfit, it would look like this.


Or this:


We hope to leave the ceiling unfinished and spray it with paint … of some color. But the choice I’m wrestling with is it better to paint it black or white? It’s the “glass ceiling” holding me back by THE MAN! I can’t make a decision to move forward!!!

So, the options: 

White will give us a clean, open, airy look:




Painting it black will allow your eye to avoid all the “ugly” of a basement with the ducts and wiring.



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But will that make it show dust horribly? Make it too dark?

What about completely unfinished? We have a lot of wires/ugly spider guts to get rid of first!


via (can’t find original link)

Or a color?


Or a combo? Paint most and put up coffered tiles in the guest room?


Decisions… decisions… or undecision, lack of funds causing me to think too much! What do you think? Help me build my case with my life in basement handyman!


So you want to be a blogger… March 27, 2012

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I’ve been thinking about doing this for 4 years.

Yep 4 years. In a world where thousands of blogs are started each week, it’s taken me 4 years to do this. Did I mention I was a procrastinator? I meant to… maybe later.

"Browsing" the offline world in Guatemala...taking forever for a purchase. Kind of like blogging? Photo via ende photography

So why jump into the fray? Am I the ultimate “joiner?”

I spend my days writing for highly paid executives and some great free time writing for my church. I “waste” a lot of time getting inspired by other amazing blogs out there.

It’s time I keep fresh, get my own inspiration and share my challenges/successes…and maybe learn something along the way. While I may be late to the “game,” it’s never too late to open up to new growth opportunities.

Let’s go!


What got me off my bootie and onto all things bloggie March 26, 2012

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New York-based design team Holstee (thanks Pinterest!), this video and their manifesto got me excited to try and stretch my creativity.

“Do what you love and do it often.”



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