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Fumbling my way toward spray paint DIY April 12, 2012

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I seem to think watching enough HGTV, reading amazing DIY blogs and in general existing in our “can do attitude” society gives me the skill to tackle any project on my wish list.

By the way it doesn’t.

Every so often I get a “school of hard knocks” reminder that it’s just not that easy (wait until I tell you about my adventures in trying to polyurethane¬†a painted dresser after years of just hearing “and then add poly” thinking it was that simple!).

So when my day job had a “we’re getting rid of old fancy frames from old corporate art” sale, I scooped up this gold leafed one knowing from many of my Pinterest adventures it’d be a blast to paint a bright color.

After realizing it may clash with my bright green accent wall near it….

clock via no longer available (which is sad because do you know how long I looked for a modern, bright clock with all the numbers on it not as numerals? A long time! How the heck can I teach my boys to tell time otherwise? Apparently people who live in design magazines don’t need to be places on time or have kids who have to take turns every 10 minutes with a game or toy!)

…I went with high gloss white from my local True Value hardware store Peter’s.

Image via.

So I decided to spray on a windy day and do several coats. Big mistake and thankfully there are no photos of my transgressions with the spray paint. Stop making it look so easy blog land peeps! Also, a tip I learned the hard way: wear a mask of some kind. And a hat. Just sayin’.

The frame came with a glass insert which I painted with several coats of chalkboard paint using a foam roller.

Image via.

It originally went on very watery and because it was also hot, it took at least a day to cure in between coats.

With some help from my boys, we came up with our family rules and the final product:

I haven’t figured out how to be all fancy with my handwriting with the chalk yet (oh how you inspire me West Elm catalog!), but we’re pleased with the results. We have very high ceilings in our great room, so this makes a nice statement piece.

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